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The Improbable Journey of Howard Mechanic

The temperature was in the low 50s in St. Louis on the night of May 4, 1970, but the thousand-plus Washington University students marching towards the rally site were anything but chilly. Earlier that day, the Ohio National Guard shot and killed four unarmed student protesters at Kent State University. They were peacefully demonstrating against…


ArtSci Angst

What are you going to do with that major?” This seemingly innocuous question that friends, family, and strangers often ask of liberal arts students like myself, represents a large problem for those enrolled in Washington University’s College of Arts & Sciences (ArtSci). To put it simply, students feel
pressured by their parents, fellow students,
and themselves to…


The Lofts and the Changing Face of the Loop

Over the week of August 17, 2014, the first students moved into the Lofts of Washington University. While late August is an exciting time for any college student, students moving into the Lofts had
the added bonus of moving into Washington University Residential Life’s new lofts-style housing. The Lofts are housed in a development that includes…


Students on the Margin

Senior Trinidy Combs would like to be more involved on campus, but she finds it hard to be engaged in the Washington University community while working 22 hours a week at an off-campus job. On top of taking out $17,500 in student loans annually, Trinidy works two 11-hour waitressing shifts each weekend to make ends…

Frame Episode 1: The Fall

From the minds of Raja Krishna, David Gilmore, and Elliot Louthen comes the podcast “Frame”.  Frame explores the role of Wash U in the non-academic lives of its students.  Listen to the first episode to find out more!

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