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Prioritizing the Accessibility of a Wash U Education

A WU/FUSED EDITORIAL In August 2013, the White House announced a plan for a new college rating system based on accessibility, affordability, and graduation(?) outcomes. The rankings, which would serve as a basis for federal allocations of student aid, would use metrics such as tuition affordability, percent of students receiving Pell grants, loan debt, graduation…

St. Louis: A Segregated City

BY GOVIN VATSAN Segregation in the United States has existed since our nation’s inception. Although it has gradually been removed from our laws, segregation still lingers in our society, especially in the inner cities. St. Louis is one of the most racially segregated cities in the United States. But just how has this segregation lasted…


Washington University Goes to Prison

Good news: after you graduate, odds are you won’t be going to prison. For all the self-deprecating jokes you’ll make about getting a liberal arts education, it’s worth noting that statistically speaking, it’s the most powerful thing standing between you and a life behind bars. In fact, go further back and thank your high school…

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Missouri Compromised

George Washington wielded uncommon influence by seeming to transcend politics. John Adams nominated him to lead the Continental Army, seeing him as the unifying figure that could turn the thirteen colonies into the United States of America. During his presidency he warned of the toxic effect that political parties would have on American government, a…

Are we so quick to label this segregation, as well?

Coming to Terms with “Self-Segregation”

Washington University has a self-segregation problem. The problem does not lie with the communities centered around certain identities, but with the criticism and labeling of such groups as “self-segregating.” This term takes the word “segregation,” which is inextricably linked to a century of legalized oppression and applies it to individuals who find value in hanging…

Crow Hall Physics Department, October 1, 1954

The Tenure Tradeoff

It’s Complicated Universities are peculiar organizations. A student’s relationship to a university can take multiple forms; but fundamentally, we, as students, are its customers. On paper, we pay to prepare for the rest of our lives, but anyone who has had a work-study job or a research assistantship will tell you that students are also…

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