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The Science Debate

Science is the basis for most forms of quantifiable progress. With population growth steadily decreasing each coming decade, enhancements in technology are the only way to increase productivity, and in turn, GDP.  Furthermore, science and technology are directly responsible for enhanced standards of living as well as increased life expectancy.  Despite its importance, we hear…

How Republicans cost Romney the Election

Barack Obama has been racking up interesting endorsements as the election draws to a close. New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, a Democrat-turned-Republican-turned-Independent cited global warming as his motivation for endorsing the president. Chris Christie, the Republican governor of New Jersey and strong Romney supporter praised Obama extensively for the president’s response to Hurricane Sandy. Yet…

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The Select Few

Over the years, presidential candidates have become more focused on securing any support that will make even the slightest difference to their total electoral votes. This notion has translated itself into a heavy emphasis on winning swing states. Many presidential elections have come down to a state or a few votes within that state. One…

Presidential Debate

The It Factor

During a presidential election year, it is more important than ever to consider which factors influence how individuals vote. One critical trait, often overlooked, plays a significant role in the election: charisma. Defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as “a gift or power of leadership or authority. Hence, the capacity to inspire devotion or enthusiasm,”…

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Taka’s live blogging the VP Debate right now!

After what’s been called everything from a mild setback for POTUS to a Barry-O-whopping by Republican challenger Mitt Romney last week, the stakes are high as the two running mates face off in tonight. Welcome to the 2012 Vice Presidential Debate! The Vice Presidents will be scrabbling over every policy issue, but if Paul Ryan…


Someone enroll this guy in Intro to Public Heath

WUPR’s very own Steven Perlberg recently blogged about the inconsistency of Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s recent comment about emergency health care with his past stance, when he was Governor of Massachusetts. Just to refresh your mind, here’s the matter at hand: Romney: Well, we do provide care for people who don’t have insurance, people–…

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