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The Faux-Feminists Are at It Again

Author’s Note: Because AL Bailey’s gender was not clear to the author, he employs gender-neutral pronouns throughout this post. He apologizes for any opacity that may result.    When was the last time a fraternity or sorority made national news for something positive? A quick perusal of Google News reveals a slew of tawdry headlines….


Reparations for Conservatives

If conservative Americans and their elected representatives thought of their history of racism as a financial debt that must be repaid to their creditors, would they be more likely to support reparations for African-Americans? Paying off the national debt, though not headline news at the moment, has been the conservative rallying cry since the twilight…


The (Libertarian) Case for Reparations

In his piece “The Case for Reparations,” Ta-Nehisi Coates details the ways in which white supremacy and racism have had a lasting impact on black communities. As the title of the article suggests, Coates argues that the best way to right the terrible wrongs that have been done to African-Americans is through reparations. While no…


The Sidewalks Kept Me Off the Streets

We’ve seen it before. We might even have one hanging in our closet or resting in our drawer. The omnipresent Tupac, the illustrious Biggie, peering down on us through well-circulated images of their countenances, plastered on dorm walls and printed on T-shirts. Any college student can recognize these ubiquitous images, state a couple sentences’ background…


Crossing the Street

“If I were walking down the street at night and you or Kendall were walking behind me, I think you two should cross the street.” That’s what one of my favorite teachers in high school said. She was a middle-aged white woman with a personality that made her appear much younger – we’d often start…


Remembering Jackie Robinson: Racial Equality in Sports

BY BENJAMIN COMPALL If Jackie Robinson were alive today, I wonder how he would feel about the current racial state of sports. Surely, as the first African American professional baseball player, he would feel great pride in seeing how far things have come. As Americans, we love these “first-ever” narratives- and Robinson’s holds a particularly…

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