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Blood on Their Doorposts

BY GABE RUBIN Despite recent investor bullishness and cocky parliamentary speeches from Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, Spain remains mired in a profound economic crisis that has hurled its citi­zens into dire straits. While the overall unemployment rate stands at the American Great Depression level of 25 percent, youth unemploy­ment, at over 50 percent, threatens to…

Unsettling the Seated

Student advocacy is a marvelous thing. Some of the most formative moments in American history have come from student protests, sit-ins, and demonstrations. These displays of passionate idealism are often inspiring, especially when their sights are pragmatically set on local or campus targets. The current Wash U student sit-in against Peabody Energy and its CEO…

The Magnificence of Bangladesh’s Shahbag Movement

BY SAAD ADNAN KHAN The non-violent Shahbag movement, a mass awakening of civil society initiated by the ‘Blogger and Online Activists Network,’ is significant for several reasons. The movement started as a vehement rejection of the International Crime Tribunal’s (ICT) verdict to condemn Abdul Quader Mollah, Assistant General Secretary of Jamaat-e-Islami, to life in prison….

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