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Unsettling the Seated

Student advocacy is a marvelous thing. Some of the most formative moments in American history have come from student protests, sit-ins, and demonstrations. These displays of passionate idealism are often inspiring, especially when their sights are pragmatically set on local or campus targets. The current Wash U student sit-in against Peabody Energy and its CEO…

The Magnificence of Bangladesh’s Shahbag Movement

BY SAAD ADNAN KHAN The non-violent Shahbag movement, a mass awakening of civil society initiated by the ‘Blogger and Online Activists Network,’ is significant for several reasons. The movement started as a vehement rejection of the International Crime Tribunal’s (ICT) verdict to condemn Abdul Quader Mollah, Assistant General Secretary of Jamaat-e-Islami, to life in prison….

An anti-Putin rally in December

The End of the Putin Era?

The recent protests in Russia against the allegedly rigged December 4th parliamentary elections mark the end of an era.  Since rising to power in 1999, Vladimir Putin’s high domestic approval ratings have been immune to the criticism of his undemocratic policies.  Putin provided the Russian people with the economic growth and political stability they desired,…

Occupy Wall Street

A Day in the Life of the 99%

    6:30AM: An Angry Awakening The sun rose over Wall Street as it had every morning before. Its soft light spread across our tents, filtered by the thick air of righteous indignation. There was, however, growing concern that waning anger and the thin walls of the tents would be insufficient to sustain us in…

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