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Examining My Religious Abdication

Allow me to give the lowdown on my Jewish background. I was born in one Jew-dense city, Buenos Aires, and moved to another, Miami, at the age of five. There, my family was rather secular compared to others; my parents, I’d find out later on, were reticent agnostics. Still, we kept to basic Jewish traditions—partially…

Israelis protesting against high costs of living in Tel Aviv, 2011

Israel, Where Has Your Zionism Gone?

It is difficult to be considered a true patriot in modern Israel. Zionism, a belief in building a Jewish nation-state in the Land of Israel, was used as a basis for the state’s establishment. While that may have been the purpose of the word in the past, many conversations with young Israelis have led me…


On Peace, Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Two weeks ago, at an event hosted by Washington University Students for Israel (WSI) and the American Israeli-advocacy group StandwithUs, two Israeli reserve soldiers shared their personal histories and gave testimony of their service in the Israel Defense Force. I went to the event entitled, “Israeli Soldiers’ Stories,” and have spent the past weeks repeatedly…

Humanizing the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

BY HANNAH WALDMAN AND WUPR STAFF As students who are particularly engaged in Israeli politics, we experienced a flurry of articles depicting violence as the Israel-Hamas war raged and one-sided claims about the conflict inundated our newsfeeds. Amidst the anarchic free-for-all that is 21st century media, we both saw an article in Haaretz, an Israeli…

Wash U Stands with Israel: A Message from the College Democrats and the College Republicans

BY MIKE HOLTZ, JIMMY LOOMIS, & KAITY CULLEN As the presidents of College Democrats and College Republicans, we are deeply concerned by the summer’s escalation of violence between Israel and Hamas. We recognize that a peaceful and stable Middle East is crucial to America’s national security and foreign policy interests, and we share a humanitarian…

For the Sake of Jingoism

BY ARI SPITZER Amidst photos friends had posted, and articles about the FIFA World Cup that populated my newsfeed, a headline appeared: “Search for Israeli Teenagers Ends in Tragedy.” Slowly but surely with each refresh, the headline and others like it pervaded my social networks. Three yeshiva students in Israel, Gilad Sha’ar, 16, Eyal Yifrah,…

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