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"Child labor, surgical instruments production. Jharian Wala, Sialkot District, Punjab, Pakistan, 2013. © ISCOS/Laura Salvinelli.

Alexander the Great, Soccer, and Child Labor

You’ve never heard of Sialkot, Pakistan, but you’ve almost certainly seen their product – and maybe even kicked it a couple of times. Sialkot produces half of the world’s soccer balls, including those used in last year’s World Cup. The story of how the city has been shaped by markets serves as a testimony to…

Drones, Death and the Aftermath

BY MAAZ AHMAD On March 17, 2011, a “Jirga”, or tribal assembly of elders, was held in Datta Khel, a town in northern Pakistan, to resolve a dispute over a chromite mine. Organized in an open space and in broad daylight, the Jirga was brought to the attention of Pakistani military commanders 10 days in…


The Duty of Any Nation

Cato the Elder was a Roman Senator during the Third Punic War who was known for his hawkish views on Carthage. Our Cato, a Washington University student, holds that force is a valid expression of American policy and intends to explore American policy in the Middle East and why our involvement there is justified. Cato…

How We Became the Enemy

Let me paint a picture for you. You are a U.S citizen, sitting in your living room, eating a snack. Suddenly the neighboring house explodes into flame, showering your lawn with dust and debris. Later, after the smoke has cleared, you hear on the news that your neighbor was wanted by North Korea for acts…


Carrots and Sticks

A stable, cooperative Pakistan is both a prerequisite for eradicating al-Qaeda and a key for NATO success in Afghanistan. As Michael Mullen has emphasized, “there is no solution in the region without Pakistan, and no stable future in the region without a partnership.” Historically, however, US policy toward Pakistan has consisted of flooding the country…

Turmoil in Pakistan, Hope in Britain

Pakistan In Crisis The last three years have been tumultuous for Pakistan. In 2006, a coalition between exiled former presidents Nawaz Sharif and Benazir Bhutto promised to bring democracy back to the country after years of military dictatorship under Pervez Musharaf. It was hoped that despite their individual shortcomings, they would form an effective coalition….

Around the World

Of Journeys and Apathy Recently, there was a story in the news of an Afghan teenager who fled his troubled homeland eight years ago to seek asylum in London. His extraordinary modern-day odyssey saw him travel illegally in a truck through Moscow, Eastern Europe and Paris en route to his final destination. The fairytale wasn’t…

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