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Carla Power (credit Jamie Smith Photography)

An Interview With Carla Power

Junior Rachel Sumption sat down with Carla Power, the final speaker in the Washington University 2014-2015 Assembly Series, to chat about her book, her perceptions of Islam, and her experience as a journalist writing about the Middle East. Carla Power is the author of the new book If The Oceans Were Ink: An Unlikely Friendship and…

The Refugee Crisis We Prefer to Change

BY SOPHIE TARAZI When I first announced that I would be studying abroad in Amman, Jordan, the two questions I was most frequently asked were whether Jordan was safe for Americans and if all the women wore hijabs. Though I wish people wanted to know more about the Bedouin and baklava, I understand why these…

An Unpleasant Debate

BY JOE LENOFF This article is in response to Hen Mazzig’s article in JNS. Last week, J Street U and St. Louis Hillel invited Oded Na’aman, a philosophy student and member of the group Breaking the Silence, to speak at the St. Louis Hillel at Wash U. Mazzig attended the lecture and offered a criticism…

Attempts at Independence

BY BEN GOTTESDIENER Between 1973 and the present, there have been numerous shocks to the energy marketplace, the oil market in particular. With each shock came a subsequent call for energy independence, and a national energy strategy to make the United States achieve it. However, with each call for independence and with each plan to…

Let’s Invade the Middle East

BY JOE LENOFF I don’t want drones or tomahawk missiles. I want American boots on the ground. Well, sandals anyway. I want American flags waving high and proud, but I want them on top of school buildings and hospitals, not tanks and jets. I want humanitarian aid. I want USAID to invade the Middle East….

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