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Paging Dr. Barbie

BY MOIRA MOYNIHAN One of my most distinct memories from elementary school is president’s day. Each year, Folwell Elementary celebrated by having each of the 5th grade students dress up and give one-minute speeches on the President or First Lady that he or she was assigned to represent. I was Jacquie O. She, however, was…

The Future of the Economy

The Great Recession officially ended in June of 2009, but the lethargic employment growth over the past two years contrasts sharply with the rapid employment growth that usually follows a recession. Most economists expected a quick return to normalcy and are stymied by this “jobless recovery.” With persistently high unemployment threatening his reelection chances, President…

Illustration by Elizabeth Beier

Perry’s Job Record

The first Republican primary debate this year started with a catfight between Texas Governor Rick Perry and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney over their respective job creation records. The exchange not only raised the entertainment value of the debate, but also one important question: is Perry’s record as strong as it seems? Perry seems to…


Rooney Doesn’t Get It

Here’s one Johan might like: our hometown hero (and alumnus of my high school alma mater) Florida GOP Representative Tom Rooney unveiled his “jobs plan” last week. Congressional Republicans are coming under increasing pressure to respond to Obama’s American Jobs Act. Don’t forget, that’s the plan that will create 1.9 million jobs and has been…

A Drop In the Bucket

Globalization does have its limits. Although it is too early to call it a trend, many American manufacturers have begun to return some of their production from overseas in a process known as “reshoring”. Notable companies planning reshoring include Ford, General Electric, Otis, and several others. Executives for these corporations are quick to point out…

No More Doom-and-Gloom

We must take immediate action to drastically reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. The burning of dirty coal and oil is causing global temperatures to rise, which will lead to catastrophic climate change. Weather patterns will change. Famines will become more common. Polar ice will melt and sea levels will rise. Coastal areas will become uninhabitable….

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