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Sanctuary Cities

The left is currently in an uproar over the case of Kim Davis, a Kentucky clerk who refused to issue a marriage license to a gay couple as an act of civil disobedience. Critics have rightly pointed out that as an employee of the government, Davis has no right to deny licenses based on her…


The Ins and Outs of Smuggling Syrian Refugees

Safety is a priceless commodity. But Syrian migrants paying an average of 2500 euros ($2840) to be smuggled into European nations at great risk to themselves would argue otherwise. Since its start in 2011, the Syrian Civil War has displaced over 7.6 million of the nation’s citizens. Originally, many refugees fled to neighboring nations in…


“True” Singaporeans

There is no one “true” Singaporean, just as there is no one “true” American, but the changing face of the Chinese-majority city-state came under intense scrutiny in the General Elections held on September 11. The ruling People’s Action Party (PAP), espousing mostly conservative social and economic policies, sought to defend the supermajority of seats they…


International Humans of WUSTL

Unless you’re one of the few who is actually from St. Louis, you technically “migrated” to attend Wash U. While we’re taking the time to discuss migration on a national and international scale, it seems wrong not to discuss the processes of migration to our own campus, especially for those who must take an international…


Is It Really About Economics? The EU and Freedom of Movement

Any political debate in modern Britain is inevitably turning into a litany of issues caused by immigration. This year’s race to Labour Party leadership, following Ed Miliband’s resignation after he lost the general election last May, was no exception. From the four candidates, hundreds of thousands of Labour’s members and supporters could hear about problems…

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Another Europe

The 2008 financial crisis threw European economies into turmoil and caused state debt to rise precipitously.  The bureaucracy of the European Union in Brussels concluded that righting economic imbalances required indebted governments to implement harsh “austerity” policies. European states needing financial support or debt relief from the rest of the Eurozone were thus ordered to…

State-Sanctioned Discrimination

BY JOHN NIKITAS Last February, both chambers of Arizona’s state legislature nar­rowly passed a bill expanding the scope of Arizona’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act to cover individuals and corporations as well as religious institutions. Although Arizona’s Republican Gov­ernor, Jan Brewer, eventually vetoed SB 1062, exploring the politics surrounding the bill yields some interesting insights regarding…

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