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ArtSci Angst

What are you going to do with that major?” This seemingly innocuous question that friends, family, and strangers often ask of liberal arts students like myself, represents a large problem for those enrolled in Washington University’s College of Arts & Sciences (ArtSci). To put it simply, students feel
pressured by their parents, fellow students,
and themselves to…

For Whom The Bus Rolls

BY BRIAN BENTON David took the bus to visit his mother and, maybe more important, because he had just found a transfer pass in his back pocket. Claire was going to work, as she had done almost every weekday for most of the past year and a half, except for the few days when her…

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The New American Dream

BY GRACE PORTELANCE On the surface, the unpaid internship is an insane prospect for a college student: why would anyone, particularly someone who is likely garnering large amounts of debt, choose to work unpaid? You don’t need to be an econ major to see that this is a ter­rible deal for the student. So, why…

The Anti-Intellectualism of the Wash U Bubble

BY OLA ABIOSE College admissions season is in full swing, and few things are more surreal than nearing the end of college life and looking upon those eagerly waiting to begin. So, in an overwhelming bout of nostalgia, I decided to sneakily join a campus tour on my way to class, just to take one…

A Call for Academic Freedom

BY MEYTAL CHERNOFF Over winter break the students of Washington University received an email from Chancellor Wrighton declaring our university’s refusal to participate in the American Studies Association’s (ASA) academic boycott of Israel. The ASA is one of many medium sized academic associations, but its actions are indicative of a larger trend. This January, the…

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