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Standarized Testing and Public Education

In recent decades, the United States has shifted its approach to schooling to incorporate neoliberal ideals. Traditionally, schools were regulated and funded by local governments. More recently, federal and state governments devoted programming and funding to efforts to reduce educational inequality caused by differences across communities such as income and tax revenue. However, rather than…


ArtSci Angst

What are you going to do with that major?” This seemingly innocuous question that friends, family, and strangers often ask of liberal arts students like myself, represents a large problem for those enrolled in Washington University’s College of Arts & Sciences (ArtSci). To put it simply, students feel
pressured by their parents, fellow students,
and themselves to…

For Whom The Bus Rolls

BY BRIAN BENTON David took the bus to visit his mother and, maybe more important, because he had just found a transfer pass in his back pocket. Claire was going to work, as she had done almost every weekday for most of the past year and a half, except for the few days when her…

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The New American Dream

BY GRACE PORTELANCE On the surface, the unpaid internship is an insane prospect for a college student: why would anyone, particularly someone who is likely garnering large amounts of debt, choose to work unpaid? You don’t need to be an econ major to see that this is a ter­rible deal for the student. So, why…

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