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Lessons from Emory

Years of debate surrounding the merits of safe spaces versus freedom of expression came to a head a few weeks ago at Emory University. After someone wrote “Vote for Trump,” “Accept the Inevitable: Trump 2016,” and a number of related messages in chalk on the sidewalk of the Atlanta campus, a few dozen students protested…

god endorse

Please God, Endorse Me

Media figures often talk about how there are two different kinds of primaries going on: the electoral primary—decided by caucuses, primary elections, superdelegates, and a party convention—and the invisible primary. The invisible primary is made up of two components: fundraising and endorsements. The fundraising category is further split into money raised by Super PACs, organizations…

Obama attends campaign rally in New Hampshire

Obama, Where Art Thou?

Barack Obama’s 2008 stump speech was an ever-evolving piece of art. He went from small backyard gatherings to massive, sold-out baseball stadiums full of hysterical fans. These Obama devotees, this writer included, saw the rallies as a chance to not only see a man who was trying to get a job on Pennsylvania Avenue but…

Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney campaigns with Rep. Paul Ryan As His Vice Presidential Pick - DC

Someone’s in Trouble

A better VP choice than Palin – but only just In 2008, John McCain took a calculated risk. Knowing that his campaign was struggling to gain ground against Obama, McCain chose a largely unknown governor from Alaska to shake up the race. Unfortunately for McCain, his gamble backfired, and Palin became an easy target for…

Mitt Romney Campaigns In Virginia

Romney’s the Nominee; Now What?

What we’ve known for the better part of three months is now official. Mitt Romney has secured the number of Republican delegates’ votes he needs to contest the 2012 presidential election. He announced that he was ‘humbled and honored’ to be the nominee; Soon after, President Obama called Romney to congratulate him, and looked forward…

President Obama signs legislation that provide tax credits to help put veterans back to work

Barry O likes this.

            The battle for Florida has turned ugly. More than policies, more than ideologies, Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich are trading blows at the lowest level of politics: personal attacks. After last week’s debates, Gingrich made it known that he was unhappy over the decision to disallow audience members from…

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