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The Cynical Case for Military Intervention in Syria

BY NAHUEL FEFER The humanitarian argument for intervention is strong, but often dismissed with the observation that the United States government is not a moral agent and obligated solely to its people. To some extent we all accept this premise, otherwise we would be outraged at the United States spending only .6% of the budget…

A Strike Will Not Help the People of Syria

BY SONYA SCHOENBERGER Over the past week, media outlets have been glutted with experts delivering cogent, informed, and completely divergent policy advice about the benefits and risks of a US strike on Syria. There seems to be a significant risk that the US is on the verge of entering into yet another long, messy war…


Syria: A First-Hand Look

At 7.30 tonight, Tuesday, February 28th, WUPR, along with our fellow co-hosts the Muslim Students Association, will be holding the Stories from Syria: Video Chatting with Syrian Citizens event in the DUC Fun Room. In case you do not know anything about the ongoing Syrian revolution, here’s a little lesson. Let me introduce you to…

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