Why You Should Learn Classics

In November of 2014, a current presidential candidate took to the Senate floor to deliver another one of his tirades against President Obama. This one, however, was different from the rest. While Ted Cruz has been known to make references to the works of others during his Senate speeches (famously reading Doctor Seuss as part…

Justin Trudeau

Unfair Elections: Canada and Electoral Reform

Canada’s recently elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has promised many changes following his Liberal Party’s victory, which ended 10 years of Conservative rule with a commanding majority in Parliament. Trudeau has promised to address many liberal Canadians’ priorities, including raising taxes on the rich, increasing government spending on infrastructure projects intended to boost Canada’s struggling…

dim sum

Language—it’s a personal thing

Rather than attend a traditional Chinese school, I opted for Sunday morning dim sum, an informal and delicious way to connect with my heritage. Although dim sum certainly has its merits, few would argue that dumplings have had a transformative cultural effect on their lives. While my grandma would rattle off her order in rapid…


The Importance of a National Language

According to Ethnologue, a popular online linguistics publication, there are 127 languages spoken in The United Republic of Tanzania, a country comparable in size to the state of Texas. Of these, 125 languages are living, and two are extinct. Of the living languages, 117 are indigenous, and eight are foreign. Fifty-eight are considered to be…


Of Supreme Importance

The death of Justice Antonin Scalia has launched the Supreme Court into the spotlight of national politics. What will happen next, both in terms of filling his vacancy and how he will be remembered, is an unsettled question. The Republican-controlled Senate will most certainly not confirm an Obama nominee to the Supreme Court. Senate judiciary…


Bilingualism Benefits Cognitive Development

The United States provides an interesting paradox: people describe the country both as a traditional “melting pot” of cultures, but also as culturally unaware relative to people from other countries. The sheer size of the country separates it from other areas with significantly different cultures, which makes many of us satisfied simply with interstate travel….


HONY Humanizing Political Conflicts

Most experiences with Humans of New York (HONY) are something like scrolling down your Facebook newsfeed and seeing a friend from high school “like” a picture about a couple whose fiftyyear marriage started out as a drunken bet at a friend’s wedding. These types of endearing, everyday posts have united 16 million followers over the…

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