The Power of Star Wars (Spoilers Included)

Many people have loved Star Wars since it came out almost forty years ago in 1977. This year, the hype and love has reached a fever pitch as Disney has begun releasing more movies. What makes the movies so powerful that people continue to watch them? The movies resemble the Romantic movement which developed in…

fix the fox

Fix the Fox

In the most watched TED Talk of all time, speaker Ken Robinson proposes the bold claim that schools worldwide do not value the importance of the creative arts in their curriculums and art-specific course opportunities (or lack thereof). Robinson says, “Every education system on Earth has the same hierarchy of subjects. Every one. Doesn’t matter…

US-Mexico art

Art As Resistance On The Mexican-American Border

At a press conference in September, Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump announced his desire to build a wall comparable to the Great Wall of China along the Mexican-American border. Aptly referred to as the “Greater Wall,” Trump described the endeavor not just as a physical demarcation between the two countries, but as an exhibition of…

isis art

ISIS’ Destruction of Art As A Function Of State Building

Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) has proclaimed itself the next worldwide Muslim caliphate, acquiring territory in northern Iraq and Syria to secure its legitimacy. Aside from carrying out gruesome physical attacks, ISIS has engaged in the destruction of antiquities and ancient sites. For example, in August, ISIS destroyed “the pearl of Palmyra”: the…


Music Making, Making Change

For most of modern Western society, music is entertainment, a commercialized product that we consume every time we hit play on Spotify. For some, music is also a class. It’s an extracurricular, a skill that is taught and evaluated through instrument lessons or school ensembles. To another, smaller cohort of supposedly forward-thinking individuals, music is…


Who Can Change FIFA?

FIFA has finally begun to wake up after a nightmare over the summer, and it looks like change is just around the corner. Following multiple scandals over the summer in which nine current and former members of FIFA were accused and indicted on bribery charges, and Swiss authorities conducted a separate investigation into more than…

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