Bilingualism Benefits Cognitive Development

The United States provides an interesting paradox: people describe the country both as a traditional “melting pot” of cultures, but also as culturally unaware relative to people from other countries. The sheer size of the country separates it from other areas with significantly different cultures, which makes many of us satisfied simply with interstate travel….


HONY Humanizing Political Conflicts

Most experiences with Humans of New York (HONY) are something like scrolling down your Facebook newsfeed and seeing a friend from high school “like” a picture about a couple whose fiftyyear marriage started out as a drunken bet at a friend’s wedding. These types of endearing, everyday posts have united 16 million followers over the…


The Liberal Arts Can Work

Support science and the arts—especially the arts,” advised the documentarian Ken Burns during his commencement address to Wash U Class of 2015. “They have nothing to do with the actual defense of our country. They Just Make Our Country Worth Defending!” As a historian, Burns was probably referring to the liberal arts, not simply the…


Standarized Testing and Public Education

In recent decades, the United States has shifted its approach to schooling to incorporate neoliberal ideals. Traditionally, schools were regulated and funded by local governments. More recently, federal and state governments devoted programming and funding to efforts to reduce educational inequality caused by differences across communities such as income and tax revenue. However, rather than…


Big Changes in Medicare

According to a group of Congressional representatives, Medicare is due for a big change. A Democratic proposal was recently put forward that would allow the federal government to negotiate prescription drug prices for Medicare Part D. The agenda aligns with both the previous efforts of the Obama administration and plans put forward by the Clinton…

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