Contribute to WUPR

WUPR is always looking for submissions from Washington University undergraduate students.

WUPR articles cover a broad scope of issues and themes, from the inner workings of college sports and international trade agreements to the politics of higher education and musical theater. You will also frequently come across articles on elections and day-to-day politics, of course. At the Washington University Political Review, everything is politics, so most topics are fair game.

The print magazine publishes monthly during the school year, and the website is updated more frequently. Each issue highlights a specific theme, but also includes articles written on other national and international issues. Articles for the print edition may be either one page, 700-800 words, or two pages, 1500-1600 words.

If you would like to discuss submitting an article, artwork, or alternative data representation to the Political Review, joining a community of dozens of talented writers and thinkers, or if you have a question about submissions, please contact us.

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