Write for WUPR

The Political Review is always looking for submissions from Washington University undergraduate students.

Our journal covers a broad scope of issues, from international participation in the Syrian Civil War to the role of baseball in American history and society.  Articles should relate to contemporary politics, society, economics, or other major issues, but we encourage authors to cover creative or unconventional topics.

The print magazine publishes monthly during the school year.  Each issue features a specific theme, but also includes articles written on national and international issues.  Articles for the print edition may be either one page, around 600-800 words, or two pages, around 1400-1600 words.  If you would like to submit an article to the Political Review or ask a question about submissions, please contact editor@wupr.org .  A WUPR editor will then contact you to help revise and develop your article.

WUPR is also looking for artistic talent to design illustrations and graphs for the magazine.  If you are interested in contributing to our design team, please contact design@wupr.org

The Washington University Political Review is the premier political magazine at Washington University in St. Louis. The Political Review publishes content on a wide range of political issues both foreign and domestic. The Political Review is non-partisan, and includes writers from many political leanings. Please submit your writing to editor@wupr.org.