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Michael Cohen

Michael Cohen is a senior in the Olin business school He can be reached at

Republican Convention in Tampa, Florida

It’s All About the Narrative

Kansas, once dominated by poor populist farmers with nationwide influence (the Occupy Wall Street of the 1890s), is now a red stronghold and a beacon of Conservative values. Frank argues that Kansans, blinded by fear and contempt for “liberal elitists,” vote against their own interests and thereby weaken their economic and political standing election after…


Still il?

In the style of Joseph Goebbels, North Korean state television celebrated Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un’s first birthday in power on January 8 with a rousing documentary detailing the young ruler’s prodigious achievements. Less than a month into a term that could last half a century, North Koreans know their dear leader as “having the wisdom…

Illustration by Elizabeth Beier

Barack Obama: Rick Perry’s #1 Fan

On Wednesday, November 9th, Rick Perry made a campaign gaffe for the ages. During a CNBC Republican Debate, Perry — looking to communicate his predilection for small-government — produced this masterpiece: “And, I will tell you (addressing his libertarian fellow candidate Ron Paul)… It’s three agencies of government when I get there that are gone….

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