Virginia Tech Candlelight Vigil

Virginia Tech, Unfiltered

Shortly after noon today, a police officer was shot dead on the Virginia Tech campus. Minutes later, police discovered another body in a parking garage. The campus was locked down, cutting it off from the outside world. Information trickled out via Twitter, but the tag #VirginiaTech was soon flooded by outsiders eager to voice their opinion. People responded to the news in different ways.

There was the political:

  • “A campus with strict gun laws only creates a vacuum for fear to rush in. No need for lock downs if everyone was concealing”
  • “It seems the biggest problem for the US educational system is the NRA and its gun lobby.”
  • “Hard pressed to find news reports that #Columbine High shootings were done by White Protestant students.”
  • “It’s such a shame how lawlessness is abounding in the land. No one can doubt that we need God!”
The inane:
  • “Pumped Up Kicks on the radio and I just heard about the #VirginiaTech shooting #ironic
  • “Story is sad y wud sumbodii do such a thing it kinda reminds meh of da movie #HigherLearning
The people who describe themselves as “hilarious”:
And what’s the deal with hollow-point bullets? How can it have a point if it’s got a hole in the middle?
  • “Ok, let’s play the race game. Place your bet for what race the #virginiatech killer will be. White, Black, Chinese, Hispanic, etc”
  • “Within 5 years #virginiatech has had a massacre, a public decapitation, and another shooting? what’s up with thayaaaat”
The hysterical:
  • “omg first some girl in my first period is possessed saying that she’s jesus christ and evil’s comin then a #virginiatech shooting happens :(” Minutes later: “i’m crying cos this ia really freaking me out.”
The straight racist:
  • “bet it’s an Asian.”
  • “Something crazy, an Asian.” (Could also be tagged as #things-that-sound-like-palindromes-but-aren’t)
  • “I hope all the Black ppl at #virginiatech are shook the heck up. I told yall niggas not to go there.”
Spreading rumors:
  • “Report of a male subject matching #VirginiaTech shooter entering a Bed Bath and Beyond.”
Strong disapproval:
We’ll drink some beers, start a lynch mob:
  • “10 miles from #virginiatech about to load up and go on a manhunt”
But mostly, they were supportive:
  • “Dear God please keep everyone at #virginiatech safe”
  • “gosh i can’t even imagine how scary it must be for #virginiatech right now :(”
  • “Praying for #VirginiaTech
  • “Shoutout to #VirginiaTech, god bless yall and those who lost a love one” – @Play4Keepz_, Crack Smoke, GA
  • “keep the students, faculty& families of those who lost their lives today in ur prayers.” – @SlutsUnited

Thankfully, the second victim was the gunman himself. Virginia Tech is stunned, but it is safe. And now that the sluts have united, the healing can begin.

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