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Fact: Glenn Beck is a brilliant political strategist.  We might all hate Beck, just like we hated Goebbels, and Lenin, and Mao, but we still had to admit they sure knew how to speak, and how to game their political systems.  Beck does a lot of things very well but I want to focus on one particular thing that he does that no one else does nearly as well.

Beck takes classic liberal ideas, words, language, and uses them for conservative causes.  He is a great artist.  Let me show you what I’m talking about.

Classic Liberal Argument: Republicans are in bed with business and are trying to reap huge profits off of Americans

Glen Beck Says: George Soros is trying to reap obscene profits off of Americans.

This is, of course, a lie because Soros is one the biggest philanthropists in the world but that is completely  point.  Beck is effective less in attacking Soros and more in neutralizing liberal attacks of the same variety.  By using this argument, it makes it look like both sides have a profit motive, and thus kills the power of the argument.  Here is another example

Classic Liberal Argument: Compromise and bi-partisan ship have to happen for us to make progress.

Beck: Idiots can’t be Identified through voting records; look instead for people who hide behind stereotypes, and  embrace partisanship

This is why he calls President Obama a racist.  He complains about cronyism in the Senate and explains how Massachusetts congressmen don’t want peace, they want military manufacturing jobs.  These are the exact arguments, and the best arguments, that the left uses against the right.  Even though two minutes of research would reveal  his claims as ludicrously false, they are nonetheless heard, and lodged against the left, invalidating the portrait Liberals would paint of the right.  By creating the illusion of a balanced battle ground, where the right and the left are just a culpable for same offenses, beck may be using his powers for evil, but is clearly flexing his brain muscle.  His conniving is tactically brilliant.

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