Two Rallies One Mission

Stephen Colbert responds to the cheers of his troupe of rational Americans.

Some people seem to think that the twin rallies (albeit one good and one evil) Stewart and Colbert are holding are over the top. Critics claim that they are making a mockery of the system or are simply taking a joke to far.

It has been argued that the two shows are the only real news left, and for that reason serve an important purpose in our political culture.  These rallies are an extension of that; they are a commentary on the reality of politics today, and an important statement too.

Glenn Beck, the fiction writer turned talk show host (Seriously, he has written several fiction political novels–check them out)  held a similar rally in September.  He tried to present it as an important event that would impact the American people.  By holding these rallies, the Comedy Central duo is tearing down any legitimacy that Beck and the right may have gained.

Together, Colbert and Stewart are revealing the nature of the dialogue and posturing that the far right espouses by the fact that a couple of comedians can have a rally just as big or bigger than a  purely political, “legitimate” one.

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