Criticisms of Steele Go Too Far

Michael Steele: under fire

The Republican National Committee Chairman, Michael Steele, has come under a lot of scrutiny from not only the media, but the base of the Republican Party. It is evident that he has made his mistakes, but critics are being too tough on him. Yes Steele is in charge of the $2000 given to donors to be spent at the bondage club in Hollywood (which was paid back), and yes he has spent lavish amounts money on limousines and hotels, but the liberal media has displayed these events with exaggeration. Critics from the base of the Republican Party fail to look at the positive results that have resulted from Steele’s leadership.

Steele was elected chairman in January of 2009 after 6 rounds of voting. Since then, he has been behind the victories of Christopher Christie in New Jersey, Bob McDonnell in Virginia, and Scott Brown in Massachusetts. These political victories, especially Brown winning the seat formerly held by Ted Kennedy, are nothing short of momentous. Furthermore, the GOP has recruited many quality candidates that have put the party in position to make large gains in the midterm elections. Regardless of Steele’s spending habits, his leadership led to a pick up of 2 governor seats and the end of the filibuster proof Democratic Senate.

Another one of Steele’s actions, attacking conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh, is clearly controversial and misinformed, but the resulting dispute clearly shows that his critics are acting too harshly. Rush responded to Steele’s attacks by claiming that it appears that Steele is “obsessed with seeing to it President Obama succeeds.” Limbaugh goes on to say “I frankly am stunned that the chairman of the Republican National Committee endorses such an agenda… I have to conclude that he does, because he attacks me for wanting it to fail.” Limbaugh makes a flawed conclusion and a critical gaff in attacking Steele. First, Limbaugh seems to illogically conclude that Steele supports Obama’s agenda. It is fairly obvious through Steele’s frequent criticisms that he is opposed to Obama’s agenda. Limbaugh’s monumental gaff, however,  is claiming that he wants Obama’s agenda to fail. If Obama’s agenda fails, it will dig the country into a deeper hole. Although it is more that fair (and logical) to disagree with Obama’s agenda, Limbaugh should at least hope it succeeds in helping the country end the recession.

Attacks likes Limbaugh’s are unnecessary, even though Steele threw the first punch. The GOP needs to stop attacking Steele in order to raise money to catch up to the Democrats. They need to rally around him and focus on defeating the Democrats instead of each other. Alienating donors and supporters by causing a civil war would seriously hurt Republican chances of making substantial gains come November. Let Steele do his job; the Republican base needs to stop putting Steele in situations where he has to defend himself and keep their disagreements internal until it is time to elect a new chairman.

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