Yoga Modi

Modi and the Politics of Yoga

Narendra Modi’s new policies as India’s prime minister revolve around economics, social change, and…yoga?   Modi has been trying to reclaim yoga as an Indian art form and have it officially recognized as being rooted in Hindu tradition. While it is generally accepted that yoga originated in India, this movement, according to the new Minister…

Goddess of Democracy

The Rise and Fall of Hong Kong Protest Art

As the media uproar surrounding the Hong Kong protests has died down, what’s actually happened in China? Some people interpret the quietness as a sign that Xi Jinping has won the fight to suppress the pro democratic movement in Hong Kong, as the 2017 elections are still set to only feature candidates pre-selected by Beijing. …

Frame Episode 1: The Fall

From the minds of Raja Krishna, David Gilmore, and Elliot Louthen comes the podcast “Frame”.  Frame explores the role of Wash U in the non-academic lives of its students.  Listen to the first episode to find out more!


Remembering Jackie Robinson: Racial Equality in Sports

BY BENJAMIN COMPALL If Jackie Robinson were alive today, I wonder how he would feel about the current racial state of sports. Surely, as the first African American professional baseball player, he would feel great pride in seeing how far things have come. As Americans, we love these “first-ever” narratives- and Robinson’s holds a particularly…

Illustration by Kate McCarter

Private Spaces, Publicly Funded

BY ALEX LEICHENGER Over a decade ago, the St. Louis Rams were the “Greatest Show on Turf,” a high-scoring juggernaut that played in two Super Bowls and welcomed the new millennium with a thrilling championship conclusion (search Mike Jones tackle on YouTube). The Rams are now well on their way to an 11th consecutive season…


An Old Pastime Perseveres

BY BENJAMIN SZANTON As with global temperatures or the cost of college, a graph of TV viewership of the World Series presents a consistently ominous trend over the past 20 years.  This year’s Series, in which the San Francisco Giants defeated the Kansas City Royals to win their third championship in five years, was no…


In Baseball We Trust

BY GRACE PORTELANCE Competitive markets and baseball are two things that are quintessentially American—though not everyone loves them, they occupy a huge cultural space in our society. However, these two cultural staples have historically been at odds – since the inception of anti-trust laws, baseball has enjoyed a strange and unique exemption. In fact, one…

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