John Oliver and “Real” Journalism

With each passing primary, Donald Trump moves closer to the Republican nomination, and thus to the presidency. While polls seem to indicate that a general election against presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton would be a bloodbath for the GOP with Trump as its nominee, many Republican voters continue to voice fullthroated support for Trump. The…


Lessons from Emory

Years of debate surrounding the merits of safe spaces versus freedom of expression came to a head a few weeks ago at Emory University. After someone wrote “Vote for Trump,” “Accept the Inevitable: Trump 2016,” and a number of related messages in chalk on the sidewalk of the Atlanta campus, a few dozen students protested…


The Case for Presumed Consent

If you can remember back to when you first got your drivers’ license, you may recall being asked if you wanted to be an organ donor. You may not have thought much of it—I know that I, at 16, certainly didn’t—but with an average of 18 people dying every day waiting for an organ transplant…

Mayor of London Boris Johnson during a Vote Leave campaign event at the Europa Worldwide freight company in Dartford, Kent.

More Silence About Brexit – More Trouble for the EU

Though the British referendum on leaving the European Union is just two months ahead, the British people likely do not feel as though something truly historical is going to happen. This is not because leaving the EU, a proposal known as the “Brexit,” is unlikely—in fact, polls show voters evenly distributed between the Leave and…

wash u socialism

The Rising Tide of Socialism at Wash U

There is a rising tide of socialism among college students. I see it in the Bernie stickers, shirts, and posters which adorn our campus. I see it in the outrage over Republican candidates like Ted Cruz and Donald Trump who offer only capitalist solutions to solve our nation’s economic problems. I see it in the…


Squashed by the Sumers Center

Washington University is a school constantly under construction. Among the current projects, there is the new dorm on the South 40 that is replacing the old Rubelmann Hall, a massive undertaking that has been developing before our eyes. Future architectural plans for the campus include the renovation of Olin Library that will continue through the…

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